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Building an Okanagan ENERGY STAR home.

One of our recent blog posts (Choosing A Custom Lake Home Builder) talked about what to look for when choosing a contractor, and we provided a few tips to help you find a builder who is qualified, experienced, and recognized for building energy efficient new homes and renovations. Bercum has worked to achieve the accreditation to be recognized by Natural Resources Canada, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of B.C., and ENERGY STAR as a builder who can give their clients a home that goes far beyond building code requirements for energy efficiency.

Let’s look at three elements of the ENERGY STAR program:

  1. What is an ENERGY STAR home?
  2. What benefits does an ENERGY STAR home have for you?
  3. What does it mean to be an ENERGY STAR builder?

What is an ENERGY STAR home?

ENERGY STARis an internationally recognized symbol used to identify energy efficient products. Homes with the ENERGY STAR label are significantly more energy efficient than those constructed to building code standards.

To be certified ENERGY STAR a home must meet enhanced energy efficiency requirements, and those requirements are verified by a third-party energy advisor. You can trust the ENERGY STAR recognition!

What benefits does an ENERGY STAR home have for you?

To meet ENERGY STAR requirements, your home must be built to exacting standards for quality and energy efficiency – and you will appreciate that quality every day.

An ENERGY STAR home will be built with high-quality and highly efficient products. From furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and ENERGY STAR certified lighting and appliances, certified windows, patio doors and skylights, high levels of floor, wall, and ceiling insulation, to building with exacting airtight details, your home will be more efficient by 20% or more than a house built to building code standards.

An ENERGY STAR building will save you money every month on utility bills, and give you a home that is comfortable year-round. Plus, there are incentives right now from Fortis BC that will save you money right away, including up to $2,000 when you build a home a minimum of 20 per cent more efficient than code, and rebates of up to $1,400 for the installation of high-efficiency natural gas appliances.

What does it mean to be an ENERGY STAR builder?

ENERGY STAR builders are certified by Natural Resources Canada and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association for meeting government and third-party standards for energy efficiency in design and construction. ENERGY STAR builders are always upgrading their skills and knowledge to stay current with the best practices in energy efficient, green building, and are recognized experts in construction of homes that meet high standards for energy use.

If you are looking to build an efficient, green, ENERGY STAR home in the Okanagan, Bercum Builders would love to talk with you about why we should be your first choice!

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