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High quality home renovations.

As families look for greater value from their home, and the perfect piece of undeveloped land becomes harder and harder to find, more of us are considering renovations to existing homes. Whether you hope to modernise a property that you love, improve a house that has been your family home for years, or update the energy efficiency of an existing building, choosing the right contractor for your renovation is a critical decision. Here are six things you should consider when choosing a renovation contractor for your family’s home:

  • Does the contractor have a long-established history, and are they proud to show off their past work? When choosing a renovation contractor, look for someone who has been a respected part of your community for a long time, and who is proud to show off the homes they have built.
  • Do they have the skills and qualifications to perform the renovations you need, to the high standard you expect? A professional builder will be constantly upgrading to stay up to date with the best practices in high-end and green construction.
  • Are past clients happy to provide references for the builder? A well established and experienced contractor will have a list of satisfied clients who are happy to share their experiences with you.
  • Are they available to work immediately? A professional builder will have a full schedule; trusted contractors and tradespeople are always in demand! Great contractors will have a close-knit team of professionals they, and you, can rely on. From designers, engineers, excavators, and carpenters, to the painters and decorators that add the perfect finishing touches to the homes they build, waiting for a top-quality contractor is worth it!
  • Are you looking to upgrade the efficiency of your home? Is the builder recognized as an ENERGY STAR or a NETZERO home builder? More and more people want to take the home and property they love and upgrade it to be as modern and as energy efficient as possible, but not every builder has the experience and qualifications to realize that vision. Look for a builder that is an ENERGY STAR builder, meaning they have been recognized by Natural Resources Canada and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC for building homes that meet strict standards for efficient energy use and construction. An ENERGY STAR/NETZERO contractor is an expert at building and renovating homes to meet the highest environmental and efficiency standards.

At Bercum Builders, we put the same care and attention into a renovation as we do our new builds. Many people don’t realize that it is more difficult to do a great job of renovating than it is to do a great job of new construction. Solving problems with existing structures, working within an original footprint, adding onto an old building, or dramatically improving the energy efficiency of your older home all require a great deal of expertise. Bercum has both the skills and the experience to take on your most difficult and demanding renovation jobs.

Call us today to talk about the renovation process, and why Bercum Builders should be the first choice for your Okanagan renovation!


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