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Okanagan Net Zero Home. It will Love You Back!

A Net Zero home is a simple concept – a house that, through the course of a year, will generate as much energy as it uses. But achieving net zero energy requires attention to detail in design and construction beyond what most builders do! Choosing net zero for your Okanagan home could be the best choice for you, your family, and the environment.

To meet the goal of net zero energy use, homes make use of many technologies, including energy modeling software during design, super insulation - potentially up to four times as much insulation as a standard home - highly detailed construction and air sealing, renewable sources of energy for heating, cooling  and photovoltaic electricity.

An Okanagan net zero home will be built to an extremely high standard, strong, durable and air sealed, keeping warm air inside in the winter, and cool air inside in the summer, while filtering and cleaning that air, keeping the indoor environment healthy and safe year-round! And net zero means your energy bills are close to zero, saving you money every month. You’ll love living in a net zero home!

Building a home to be net zero provides you, your family, and the environment many benefits, including:

  • Lower home ownership costs.
  • Cleaner, healthier indoor air.
  • Year-round comfort.
  • Protection from rising utility costs.
  • Conservation of resources, including energy and water.
  • Higher resale value.

Let’s look at these benefits in a little more detail:

Lower home ownership costs – a carefully built, highly energy efficient home costs a little bit more to build than a standard home, but the small increase in build costs are recouped over the years of home ownership in far lower energy costs. And because net zero homes are designed and built so well, they last a long time!

Cleaner, healthier indoor air - heat recovery ventilation systems (HRV) condition and clean your indoor air, reducing allergens and air pollution while keeping your indoor environment clean, quiet, and comfortable all year.

Year-round comfort – detailed and painstaking construction combined with correctly sized quality heating, cooling and ventilation equipment provide consistent temperatures throughout the house. Well-sealed and well-insulated, a net zero home is noticeably quieter than a standard home too.

Protection from rising utility costs - net zero homes provide you with incredibly low utility costs, including water, electricity, and gas. A net zero home uses all energy and water incredibly efficiently, saving you money every day!

Conservation of resources – Up to 80% more efficient than a standard home, and built with renewable, healthy materials, net zero homes protect the environment and your family. Using less energy, less water, and healthy materials creates a built environment that protects both you, and the natural environment around you.

Higher resale value – Energy efficiency is one of the most sought-after characteristics in a home today. Building your house to net zero standards provides a huge advantage over standard housing when it is time to re-sell.

Does net zero building make sense in the Okanagan? Absolutely! Whether you are thinking of building a net zero, high efficiency home in the North, Central, or South Okanagan, net zero homes make perfect sense in our climate. A home that stays cool all summer with minimal energy use, easily stays warm all winter with simple, clean, renewable sources, and conserves water year-round fits our region perfectly. And, because net zero homes are clean, simple, and require minimal maintenance year-round, you’ll have more time to enjoy everything that makes the Okanagan such a great place to live!

If you are interested in building an Okanagan home that’s green, highly efficient, and the best option for your family and for the environment, or just have questions about what green building can do for you, contact Bercum Builders today. Bercum Builders is a CHBA Net Zero registered builder.  We’d love to talk to you about how a net zero Okanagan home could work for you! 

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